Family dog precautions

1 .take a shower.

Dogs that have just taken home can't take a bath right away, because dogs need to adapt to unfamiliar environments, and the dog's resistance is weak. At this time, bathing may cause it to catch cold, vomiting and other diseases.

raising a dog

2. Can't drink milk.

Milk is a low-protein, low-fat and high-lactose milk drink, but dogs need high-protein, high-fat and low-lactose drinks.Pups drinking milk can cause diarrhea, which may seriously infect small bacteria.

dog precautions 



3 go out without a leash.

Injury to other dogs, injuries to the car, and loss of running are caused by not bringing the leash to the dog.The traction rope can control your dog within a certain range.

raising a dog

4. Three-month-old puppies must be vaccinateddog precautions


5. foods that dogs can't eat, alcoholic beverages, chocolate,Avocado, coffee, tea, etc. Some caffeine-containing foods, fish (raw fish, canned or cooked), grapes and raisins, macadamia nuts

raising a dog


I hope all hairy children can be healthy.

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