How to make the qualified pet cooling mat by lepet dog cooling mat manufacturer

Cooling mat main Function:Lowering pet’s temperature by direct touch. Reusable and automatic cooling mat! Pet cooling mat is perfect for dog and cat to enjoy a cooling summer.

pet cooling mat
qualified pet cooling mat

1.Calculating suitable and accurate nylon cloth area and cutting method according to your order quantity. (nylon is waterproof, scratch resistant and easy cleaning)

  • 2.Cutting machine promise the mass production of nylon surface of dog cooling mat

  • 3.Hot pressing technology to make a pouch for cooling gel and sponge.

qualified pet cooling mat
  • 4.Fill sponge which is eco-friendly and reusable

dog cooling mat manufacturer
  • 5.Purify the water. why? The purified water promises a long-time usage without stink

  • 6.Mix the purified water with CMC ( a kind of chemical component) and turn into cool gel. The main filling of pet cooling mat is sponge and cooling gel, which is eco-friendly,reusable and automatic cooling.

7.Fill the cooling gel by constant filling machine to keep the standard filling volume

  • 8.Hot pressing process to seal .

  • 9.Trimming & QC

  • 10. Pressure testing

  • 11.Finished pet cooling mat

  • 12.Packing line


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