Loyal dog waiting seven months on road to reunite with his owner

A loyal dog which waited seven months on a road in Thailand has recently reunited with his owner and came back home.

A dog abandoned on roadside in Thailand had been waiting patiently for his owners to return for seven months. Every day he was watching to see if his owner would come back for him. After a while, kind-hearted villagers noticed the dog and tried to help him. They gave food for him to eat.

The owner living in a village miles away finally saw the report of the dog and brought him home on Jan. 18. At the beginning, the dog seemed a little scared of the owner's children when seeing them. But later, he became cheerful when finally returning home. The owner expressed his gratitude to the help offered to his dog.

According to the owner, he brought the dog with him when transporting palm fruits to a factory. He stopped the car on his way to go to bathroom. The dog also left the car. When he restarted the car he didn't notice that the dog was left behind. He had kept searching for the dog in the past seven months.

A lot of netizens in Thailand clicked "like" for this heart-warming news. At the same time, they called on people not to abandon dogs as they are the most loyal friends of human being. 

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